Microvascular surgery is a sub-branch of plastic surgery that involves operating on small blood vessels and nerves that are only visible under high magnification. After its advent, the way patients with major trauma nerve injuries, congenital deformities, and brachial plexus injuries are managed has changed radically.

Now, we can save more and more limbs even when they are totally severed from the body. Similarly, patients with the high-speed road accidents for whom there was no other option than amputation, are being successfully offered limbs saving surgeries.

Brachial Plexus injuries which were earlier considered a dead end are now being managed by microsurgical principles giving relief to these individuals.

Another example of how microsurgery has been involved in changing the lives of patients is the realm of Thumb Reconstruction. Many children are born with rudimentary or no thumb at all. And many lose their most important digit to trauma tremours, etc. Microsurgical toe transfers have made possible creation of new thumbs for such patients.

Not only this but patients after Cancer surgeries who lose vital organs due to cancer have benefitted a lot from microsurgical reconstruction techniques.



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